Finally Finish Your Book

in 3 Months or Less...

without all the anxiety, doubt, and self-sabotage. 

Taught by Award-Winning and Published Author, Rhonda Douglas

Tuesday, July 6, 2021 7pm ET / +1 Day 9am AEDT

Wednesday, July 7, 2021  3pm ET / 8pm UK

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The Techniques (Backed by Science!) 

that Published Authors Use to Finish Their Books

Learn the 4 Stage Framework that Published Authors use to get their book finished, avoid procrastination and create a masterpiece that they’re proud to put their name on! 

This strategy is bullet proof -  even if your toddler catches a cold, you have a crazy-busy day job, Zoom School is in session, or your house is FULL of people asking for your attention!


How to Conquer Perfectionism - and JUST GET IT DONE!

Go from feeling bombarded with voices of self-doubt, swirling in creative anxiety and trapped in unproductive patterns - to finishing a completed manuscript of your book with ease, joy and pleasure.

(This is the gift that keeps on giving -- for this book and all your books to come!)


How to Discover Your Inner Muse... and a Step-By-Step Strategy to Make Her Sing! 

Use this method from brain science to flip the switch and access your creativity at any time of the day!


"Thanks for helping me to become the person I was meant to be. When 2020 began, I was not writing at all. I wasn't even thinking of writing! Since then I have completed [a] memoir, started another one, began editing a completed novel I'd put aside and started to build my author website. No matter what you think about your writing and your life, you may not realize how an experience like this can completely transform everything."

Karen Richards

During this FREE Live Masterclass you will get...

A Simple 4 Stage Framework You Can Use to FINALLY BEAT YOUR WRITER'S BLOCK (Works for This Book and All Your Books to Come!) 

A Simple But Effective Way (Backed by Brain Science!) to Gain Focus and Manage Distractions so You Can RACK UP YOUR PAGE COUNT.

The 1 Critical Piece of Writing Craft Info You Need to Finish Your Book and FINALLY TYPE "THE END." 

Are you longing to FINALLY finish your book?

A lot of writers just abandon their half-finished books to collect dust in a drawer or closet.

It's so easy to let self-doubt creep in... and then you tell yourself that you’ll come back to it and write again next week. Then life and laundry get in the way and next week never comes.

But if you are yearning to write a book, you need to take action TODAY. Otherwise you might wake up one day and realize it’s too late to chase that dream.

But look...

Even if you’ve set your manuscript aside and haven’t looked at it a week (or month!), it’s not too late to finish your book and feel excited about the writing process again. 

Join me in this new free live Masterclass to learn the science-backed secrets that published authors use to access their creativity, and complete a first full draft of your book in 12 weeks, or less!


Hi, I'm Rhonda... 

My name is Rhonda Douglas, and I am a published and award-winning poet and fiction writer. I've been a writing mentor for almost a decade now, offering one-on-one editorial support, live workshops and creativity coaching.

I was also a single mother for a loooong time as I finished my graduate studies while working full-time in my day-job, volunteering AND finishing and publishing my books. So I definitely know what busy looks like!

This free Live Masterclass is perfect for the writer who has been dreaming about finishing her very own book and seeing it on a shelf in the bookstore!

See you there!



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