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The First Book Finish program will open its doors again soon for our next session in early October 2023.  


First Book Finish combines an online course with group coaching and accountability over 12 weeks of intensive support to take you all the way to THE END.


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Trying to finish your book?

My name is Rhonda Douglas and I'm an award-winning, published author living and writing in Ottawa, Canada.

I also help writers finish their books and create a writing life they love.

My First Book Finish program is the only program of its kind that provides science-backed tools, MFA-level writing craft advice and loving accountability over 12 weeks to take you from a partial manuscript to finally FINISHED. 

Get the craft help you want and the mindset shifts you need to help you finally finish your book -- this is the stuff they don't teach in most writing workshops, not even in the MFA programs!

Registration for the next session of the First Book Finish program will open again in early October 2023. Get on the Waiting List now to be the first to hear and receive an exclusive discount and special offer not available anywhere else!