Mid-Year Writing Goal Reset!

A 90 Minute Workshop to Help You Review and Recommit to Your 2022 Writing Goals so That You Can Create The Writing Life You Dream Of!


3pm Eastern Time

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Hey there, Writer!

How's your year going so far? If you're like most writers, you may have set some exciting goals for your writing life at the start of the year...but it's 6 months later, and maybe some LIFE has happened.

Let's get together for a 90 minute workshop where'll I'll help you review and revisit your writing goals so that you can RECOMMIT and adapt as needed to ensure your writing goals for 2022 are still within your reach.

Will there be a recording, you ask? Yes! But being there live with other writers is always more fun. Sign up above and I will see you there!


I'll have Planning Sheets you can use to review and adjust your writing goals.


Connect with other writers, people with whom you share the same challenges.


Hey, what's a workshop without a chance to win a little writerly surprise just for showing up? :-)