Are you ready to overcome your fears and anxiety and finally create a consistent writing practice?

Let me introduce you to the…

Beat Writer’s Block Masterclass!

It's a pre-recorded Masterclass you can watch at your own pace that will completely transform how you think about your writing... and, you guessed it, beat that writer's block you're having!



My name is Rhonda Douglas and I am a poet, editor and fiction writer living and writing in Ottawa, Canada.

I help committed writers overcome fear and eliminate distractions so that they can write with ease and achieve their writing dreams. I have a particular passion for supporting women writers to finally finish their first books.

I’m the author of two traditionally-published books, plus a poetry chapbook, and my poems and stories have been published in literary journals in Canada and overseas. I’ve also published creative non-fiction. I’ve won a few awards for my work and been short-listed for a few more. I have completed a graduate diploma and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. For ten years, I was on the Editorial Board of a major Canadian literary magazine.

Having experienced a painful period of writer’s block in my life – painful enough to drive me into a period of depression – I know firsthand how hard it can be to get to the page. But forcing yourself and relying on willpower isn’t the answer! I’ve done a deep dive into the brain science and social science research that can help us learn how to think differently about writer’s block and our writing lives…and transform our relationship with writing in the process.

 Come join me on this journey in the Beat Writer’s Block Masterclass!

Ready to realize your writing dreams?

The Beat Writer’s Block Masterclass is the clear roadmap you need to overcome the fears and creative anxiety that stands between you and finally realizing your writing dreams!

Here’s everything we cover inside this pre-recorded Masterclass…

  • The two essential approaches to writer’s block and why you need both

  • The brain science behind writer’s block and writer’s resistance

  • The 3 key habits you need to establish to prevent writer’s block (they’re not what you think!)

  • The role of self-care and what that looks like for writers specifically

  • The two different types of writer’s block and which techniques to apply in each situation

  • Worksheets for 5 additional in-depth exercises you can use to work through the exact issues you’re facing with your writing process

  • How to think about writer’s block to transform your writing life!


Plus…some helpful bonuses!

TO HELP YOU FIND MORE TIME TO WRITE...there's a PDF Guide with 30 Ways to Find More Time to Write

TO PLAN OUT YOUR WRITING WEEK...there is a Writer's Weekly Planner

TO TRACK YOUR WRITING SESSIONS & REWARDS...there is a Writing Sessions Streak Tracker.

TO VISUALIZE YOUR FUTURE WRITING SELF...there is a Future Writing Self Visualization Worksheet.

TO CREATE A WRITING RITUAL YOU AND YOUR BRAIN WILL LOVE...there's a Writing Ritual Planning Sheet.

TO GIVE YOURSELF SOME NEW IDEAS WHEN THE WELL FEELS DRY...there's a set of over 100 different genre-based writing prompts for poetry, fiction and essays.

It’s time to stop putting off your writing sessions because you’re anxious or blocked and finally develop the consistent writing practice of a productive writer


new approach to overcoming writer’s block is exactly what you need…


The Beat Writer’s Block Masterclass will show you how to transform your thinking and your behavior to overcome this issue once and for all!


Grab The Beat Writer’s Block Masterclass Now for just $47 and get...


✨ Absolute clarity on the latest approaches to writer’s block and how to finally put it behind you so that you can become the productive writer you’ve always wanted to be.

πŸ–₯ A pre-recorded Masterclass –  1 hour and 20 minutes long. Hit start and stop whenever you like and watch it at your own pace. 

🎧 Download the audio version and listen to it on the go! 

πŸ“ Worksheets to guide you through each of the 5 in-depth exercises. 

πŸ“’ Additional resources and worksheets you’ll find helpful to organize your writing life now that you’ve busted through to the other side!

πŸ’Έ All yours to learn at your own pace for only $47!


This is for you if…

βœ”οΈ You struggle to get to the page consistently because your negative thoughts about your writing are droning on in the back of your head like an awkward elderly aunt who just won’t zip it.

βœ”οΈ You make plans to sit down and write but then get “distracted” – which is your brain’s natural response to fear unless you teach it something else.

βœ”οΈ You think of yourself as a writer, and want to achieve your writing dreams, but find yourself spending a lot of time NOT writing.

βœ”οΈ You love an on-demand pre-recorded Masterclass that you can access immediately so you can watch it on your own time and solve your writer’s block problem NOW already.

This is not for you if…

❌ You are already able to write consistently with no worries about your writing getting in your way.

❌ You mostly just want someone to meet with you one-on-one to hold your hand and tell you it will be okay. (It WILL be okay, and I’m there for you in the Masterclass but it is pre-recorded and not live – if you want live, personal support then this is not the program for you.)

What Other Writers Have Said...

“Rhonda holds a deep care for and commitment to writers and the craft, which includes making space for a life that includes writing.  She comes to this role from her own deep experience and makes her care felt in tangible ways no matter where in the world you are.” 
Robin K. Macdonald, Memoirist
“My writing was mood-dependent and inconsistent, and I felt frustrated, uninspired and was really questioning the validity of pursuing a book. Now, I feel excited and accomplished and I know I can take on another large project and not dread it, because I know how to accomplish my writing goals.” 
Melinda Roy, Poet

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It’s time to finally overcome writer’s block without beating yourself up in the process. The Beat Writer’s Block Masterclass is just what you need to transform how you think about your writing.

Get it now for just $47