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A weekly podcast with author interviews, craft advice, inspiration and the occasional love letter – all designed to support you in creating and sustaining a writing life you LOVE.

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Your Heart Knows the Way, with Meredith Heller

Sell Your Book Without Selling Your Soul, with Emily Enger

Let It Go: Creating a Sustainable Writing Life, with Chelene Knight

How to Format Books for Self-Publishing, with Monique from Atticus.io

Maintaining Control Over Your Story, with Lynne Golodner

Staying True to the Story, with Sara Power

From Notes to Novel: 5 Key Steps, with Savannah Gilbo

Writing a Romance Readers Love, with Danika Bloom

Finding the Shape for Memoir, with Beth Kaplan

Story Structure, Play and Experiments, with Beth Barany

How to Finish a Book...Even When Life Gets Hard

Dear Rhonda: A Monthly Writer’s Advice Column

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Behind the Mic

Hey there, Writer! My name is Rhonda Douglas and I'm your Host. I'm a poet and fiction writer, an editor and writing mentor living in Ottawa (Canada) with my cocker spaniel, Mr. Darcy. 

I help committed writers overcome fear and eliminate distractions so that they can write with ease and achieve their writing dreams. I have a particular passion for supporting women writers to finally finish their first books.

Choosing the Right Narrative Structure for Your Book

2 Unruly Beasts All Writers Must Tame

Why Publish?

How to Feel Less Alone with Your Writing

Simple Rules for Writing, with Gary Barwin

A Long and Satisfying Journey to Publication

7 Ways to Fuel Your Writing Life

Top 12 Places to Find Good Writing Prompts

Oooh, look! Best Pens for Writers

Getting Ready to FINISH Your Book

How to Learn to Love Your First Draft

Four Ways to Tell If You Can Really Write a Book


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