When It’s Time for A Developmental Editor

Editing comes in several forms, but it starts with the writer. Once they have taken a piece outside their head onto the page, revised, rewritten, cleaned it up, and brought it as far as they can, it’s time to reach out for help.

A Developmental Editor offers a big-picture look at a work in progress. They aim to help writers create the best result by reviewing short stories, articles, essays, and books with fresh eyes and providing honest feedback. Their primary focus is structure, flow, and style, including:

  • Plot holes
  • Characters
  • Voice, tone, and style
  • Dialog
  • Pacing
  • Setting
  • Opening

At any stage in their careers, writers can benefit from a Developmental Editor reviewing their work. Most offer a variety of services, such as first chapters, book coaching, query letters, and sensitivity feedback.

While an editorial letter is standard for giving feedback, some provide a phone or virtual meeting. It’s important to communicate which format is most comfortable and valuable.


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