2 Ways to Read Like a Writer

read like a writer Jul 10, 2022

Read Like a Writer: Building A Writer's Reading List

From time to time in any given writing project, you’ll hit a wall. It would be great if this wall was painted with the perfect novel outline, but that doesn’t seem to be in the repertoire of most graffiti artists.

The Writer’s Reading List is the tool to use when you’re moving along in your work in progress at a great clip and then suddenly trip over yourself and can’t go any further. You’re stuck. What you need next is some inspiration to help you solve your technical craft questions related to…

  • Dialogue – how to ensure each scene is infused with tension?
  • Backstory – how much is too much, and how to shape it?
  • Time – how to make it clear to your reader that your protagonist is living in the present day but recalling an incident from two decades back?
  • Structure – how to take these three plotlines and have them intersect?

It’s the technical craft wall and...

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