7 Ways to Fuel Your Writing Life

writing life Sep 27, 2023

Writer, let's get serious for a moment.

I want you to embrace your writing dreams and get clear on the kind of writing life you truly want to have...and then get busy making it happen!

To help you with this, here are 7 ways you can fuel your writing life...

Hold Your Writing Goals Close

Write your writing goals down and keep them close, perhaps in a journal or your writer’s notebook. Read them over from time to time, to remind yourself of what your goals are AND why they are important to you. 

Here’s a format I love for writing goals…

Goal: To achieve [specific result] by [date/deadline].

Why: A short sentence about why it matters to me.

Let Your People Know

Occasionally, writers will tell me that they would make more progress in their writing life if only it wasn’t for their loved ones. #uhoh

Whether it’s kids interrupting a writing session, or an excess of care responsibilities, or just what I think of as OPP (the opinions of other people!), it...

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