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writing workshops Nov 11, 2022

Writing workshops are one of the best ways to fine-tune your writing and reach your highest potential. 

Do you want to finish your novel? Write a memoir? Get into writing poetry for the first time? A writing workshop can help you achieve your unique goal.

Choosing the right writing workshop for you can be challenging. There are a lot out there and each of them address different kinds of writing in their own unique ways. Today, I will help you find the best option for you—and luckily it all boils down to two questions!

First, what kind of writing workshop do you want to do?

Poetry? Non-fiction? A super cool sci-fi novel set in space in the year 2400? Regardless of your writing goals, there is always a workshop for you! Today, I’ll be highlighting workshops for an assortment of writing types:

  • Workshops for beginners
  • Novel writing
  • Fiction writing
  • Nonfiction writing
  • Blog writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Memoir writing
  • Playwriting
  • Screenwriting
  • Editing

Second, what is your goal?

Having a clear goal is a great way to get the most out of the writing workshop (or workshops!) you choose. It allows you to consume the course content in a way that prioritizes what you want to accomplish while still getting the most out of the course itself. 

Additionally, if your chosen course happens to include one-on-one discussions with an instructor, a specific goal can help them navigate you in the right direction.

As long as you know your genre and have a particular goal in mind, choosing the writing workshop that works best for you can be super simple! 

Now, onto the fun part—choosing a writing workshop! As previously mentioned, they are all organized by genre—from workshops for beginners to workshops on fiction writing, there is something here for everybody. 

Even if you don’t see something that fits exactly what you’re looking for (hey, you’re allowed to be picky!) most of the people that host these workshops have other opportunities for writers that may not be listed here, so don’t be afraid to take a look around these websites and see what you can find!

I’ve put 3 Stars next to courses I’ve either done myself or have friends who’ve taken them so can highly recommend them.

The teal titles are links, but these are not affiliate links – just regular links to help you find the best writing workshops for you and your writing goals. Happy writing!

Writing Workshops For Beginners

Firefly Creative Writing “Begin Here” Workshop ***

This writing workshop by Firefly Creative Writing is an excellent choice for new writers who aren’t ready for intense critique or strict guidelines. Instead, the “Begin Here” workshop inspires you and focuses on your writing voice. You’ll finish this writing workshop with confidence in yourself and your writing!

Writer’s Digest University “Creative Writing 101” Workshop

The “Creative Writing 101” workshop by Writer’s Digest University is great for writers who know what they want to do, but don’t know where to start. In this writing workshop, you’ll learn the essentials and get excellent help in achieving your goals!

Novel Writing Workshops

Stay Motivated Story Intensive with Traci Skuce ***

Are you writing a novel and feel stuck or lost? Are there complications you’re struggling with, hills you can’t quite climb? Then this course is an excellent choice for you. You’ll get the support you need to finish your project and the course even includes a lifetime membership to Traci Skuce’s Freewrite Community, plus some other goodies as well!

How to Write Your Novel, with Emma Dhesi ***

Writing a novel is, without a doubt, incredibly difficult. This writing course by Emma Dhesi makes that journey easier. Through modules, videos, and other files, it focuses on aligning your personal life and writing life in a productive manner so you can finally finish that novel you’ve been thinking about!

The Book Incubator with Mary Adkins ***

This 12-month writing program by Mary Adkins will leave you with an amazing novel that you’ll be proud of. You’ll be taught how to write, edit, and pitch your novel by a published author who has helped so many novels come to life!

Other Fiction Writing Workshops

Firefly Creative Writing “The Fiction Workshop” ***

If you want to make some amazing progress on your fiction work, then this workshop is perfect for you. You’ll flourish creatively and end the workshop with an abundance of ideas and workshopped pieces. 

Sarah Selecky Writing School “The Story Course” ***

This writing course is perfect for those who want a self-paced environment that helps you flourish creatively and focus on your fiction work. You’ll end the program with a first draft you’re proud of, new writing abilities you can use for future projects, and so much more! 

Gotham Writers Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Classes

Remember that super cool sci-fi novel set in space in the year 2400 that I mentioned? This writing workshop is perfect for that. Much like the previous Gotham Writers class I mentioned, this option includes two 10-week levels—and it also includes intensives if the 10-week classes don’t align with your schedule. 

Non-fiction Writing Workshops

Gotham Writers Nonfiction Book Proposal Classes

This 4-week seminar from Gotham Writers focuses on helping you sell your nonfiction book to a publisher. Most nonfiction books are sold to publishing houses via proposals, so this workshop focuses on those proposals instead of the nonfiction work itself. It’s still a very important part of the publishing process, so definitely take a look!

Stay Motivated Story Intensive with Traci Skuce ***

Not ready to propose your nonfiction book yet? Want to focus on making your nonfiction book the best it can be? No problem! The Stay Motivated Story Intensive by Traci Skuce is perfect for nonfiction work as well as novels. It’s a win-win!

Blog Writing Workshops

MyBlogSchool’s “Find Your Blogging Spark” Workshop ***

This self-directed course by author and long-time blogger, Kerry Clare, is perfect for bloggers anywhere on the spectrum of experience! Whether you’re a beginner or have years of blogging behind you, this writing workshop will help you make the most out of your blog and leave you feeling fulfilled and happy with the work you’ve done. 

Gotham Writers Blog Writing Classes

Gotham Writers has so many amazing writing classes, and this blog writing class is one of them! This 6-week class helps your blogging skills flourish, and much like some of the previous Gotham Writers classes I’ve mentioned, it also includes an intensive course if you don’t have the time in your schedule for a 6-week class.

Poetry Writing Workshops

George Murray’s “Walk the Line” workshops and membership ***

These workshops and memberships offered by George Murray are excellent for poets who want to work on their skills and become the best poets they can be. There are a variety of options and I definitely recommend reading some of the amazing reviews from course alumni and subscribers! I’ve done these courses myself and even repeated them in order to get more poems written. I'm also a member of his Front of the Line membership for poets.

Firefly Creative Writing “Lift Off” workshop

If you’re new to poetry or feel unsure about it, this writing workshop is for you. Over 6 weeks, you’ll learn about poetry, write your own poems, and leave with a more confidence perspective towards the art itself!

Memoir Writing Workshops

Nicole Breit’s “Spark Your Story” program ***

The first step to writing a story is wanting to write it. In Nicole Breit’s “Spark Your Story” programs, you’ll learn how to turn that “want” into something that will make you proud and help you flourish. You can choose between the “Spark Your Story” lab or the intensive—regardless of your choice, you’ll end up with results you’ll be grateful for!

Firefly Creative Writing “The Life Stories Workshop”

You have a story in your mind—that’s why you’re reading this blog! This Firefly Creative Writing memoir-writing workshop will take you from someone with a story to someone who can tell that story confidently and with pride!

Gotham Writers Memoir Writing Classes

The Gotham Writers memoir writing classes are excellent for those who want something levelled and thorough to help them create their memoir. There are three 10-week classes available and, as usual, includes an intensive option as well!

Playwriting Workshops

Gotham Writers Playwriting Classes 

Playwriting is a beautiful form of writing that can result in you watching your work come to life on stage. These classes by Gotham Writers can help you get there! Through two 10-week workshops or an intensive, playwrights can get one step closer to seeing their art on stage, starting with learning how to create an amazing piece of writing. 

The National Theatre Playwriting Intensive

If you live in London, England, and want a structured intensive that teaches you essential playwriting skills, then this intensive is for you. Over the course of 4 days, you’ll learn the most important parts of a play and how you can make your work the best it can possibly be. (And hey—if you don’t live in England, it’s a great excuse to go on vacation there!)

Screenwriting Workshops

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting, via Masterclass

This class by Aaron Sorkin, an Academy Award-winning writer, is a thorough course that teaches writers about screenwriting and how to create something beautiful. It’s taught through Masterclass, a subscription-based platform with over one-hundred classes spanning a variety of topics. Do this one, and head over to the Masterclasses by Neil Gaiman or Margaret Atwood.

Gotham Writers Screenwriting Classes

You know the drill—whether or not you want 10-week, multi-levelled workshops, or an intensive that fits better into your schedule, this screenwriting class by Gotham Writers provides students with the skills and techniques necessary to create an amazing, memorable script.

Editing and Revision Workshops

Kimmy Beach Editing “Editing Your Own Prose” e-course

You have a manuscript. Now what? This e-course by Kimmy Beach is what! With this writing course you will learn how to perfect your manuscript, make it professional, and have it ready for publishers to read.

Rachel Thompson “Revision Love” Course ***

Need to edit your work, but don’t know where to start or what to do? The “Revision Love” course by Rachel Thompson is what you need. This self-guided course will help you be confident while editing and teach you how to get your work ready for publication. This course makes the editing process less intimidating and improves your editing skills.

Joan Dempsey’s Self-Editing for Writers program

Want to become a self-editing superstar? This course by Joan Dempsey can help you become just that! It’s thorough and convenient—you can complete it at your own pace without any pressure adding on to what you may already feel thanks to the daunting nature that self-editing can cause. 

Book Editing Blueprint with Stacy Juba ***

Editing can be difficult. You may not know where to start, or perhaps you feel overwhelmed by it all. The Book Editing Blueprint by Stacy Juba can help alleviate this pressure by breaking the editing process down and providing an easy and convenient structure that makes editing way less daunting!


Oh, and I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t mention MY OWN online programs for writers, LOL. 

First Book Finish

This program opens up 2-3 times each year and is a 12-week small group coaching intensive AND online course to help you finish the book you started but have been struggling to finish on your own. You can join the Waiting List here.

The Writer’s Flow Studio

This is my monthly membership program, designed to take writers from a state of fear and anxiety to a state of FLOW in their writing lives so that they can write consistently and achieve their writing goals. The end result: a writing life you absolutely love! Membership is $47/month and you can cancel anytime. Learn more and register here.


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