27 Writing Workshops You'll Love

writing workshops Nov 11, 2022

Writing workshops are one of the best ways to fine-tune your writing and reach your highest potential. 

Do you want to finish your novel? Write a memoir? Get into writing poetry for the first time? A writing workshop can help you achieve your unique goal.

Choosing the right writing workshop for you can be challenging. There are a lot out there and each of them address different kinds of writing in their own unique ways. Today, I will help you find the best option for you—and luckily it all boils down to two questions!

First, what kind of writing workshop do you want to do?

Poetry? Non-fiction? A super cool sci-fi novel set in space in the year 2400? Regardless of your writing goals, there is always a workshop for you! Today, I’ll be highlighting workshops for an assortment of writing types:

  • Workshops for beginners
  • Novel writing
  • Fiction writing
  • Nonfiction writing
  • Blog writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Memoir writing
  • Playwriting
  • Screenwriting
  • Editing

Second, what is your goal?...

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