Behind the Scenes of a Small Literary Press


Getting published by a big-name publishing house is an idea with allure. One that most authors dream of, and see as necessary to reach success. 

But is getting published by a big house the right choice for you? 

Independent presses have their advantages, and depending on what you want—not what you think your goals should be—a small press might be exactly what you need. 

In this week’s episode we’re joined by Aimee Dunn, the owner of the award-winning, independent literary press Palimpsest Press. She tells us all about the inside processes of getting published through a small press, and what benefits they have compared to a big publishing house. 

Listen to Learn:

  • What the publishing process really looks like
  • Dos and don’ts when submitting to a publisher
  • Some reasons for rejection (perhaps not what you think!)
  • The differences between publishing with large and small presses

The independent, small press can...

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