What It Means to be a "Resilient Writer"



In Season Three of The Resilient Writers Radio Show, I tried to ask every writer I interviewed what they felt that meant. What did it really mean to be a resilient writer? 

And so there's some fascinating things that came up that have really made me reflect more on what it means to me to be a resilient writer, which is why I'm in this at all. 

You know, I always joke: they're going to take the pen from my cold, dead hand. And it's not really a joke. Like I want to be writing when I'm 95, 97, 104, however many years I'm lucky enough to get.

I want to be writing until the end. That's my dream. But that means that I'm probably going to have to cultivate the art. of being a resilient writer. So it's really worth it to me to be thinking about what does that mean? Like, how do we do that on a daily basis? 

The writing life is a life that is filled with rejection for sure, but it's also filled with self doubt. We often find ourselves wondering: Is this story...

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8 Lessons I've Learned from Helping Almost 200 Writers Finish Their Books



This is the final episode in a mini-series I’ve been doing on the podcast, which I think of as “The Finishers Series.” It’s designed for those writers who have “Finish My Book in 2024” on their list of writing goals.

Links from today’s show:

First Book Finish Waiting List

The Brass Queen, by Elizabeth Chatsworth [novel]

Extreme Healing: Reclaim Your Life and Learn to Love Your Body, by Mari Ruddy [non-fiction]

Better to Beg, by Kirsti Mackenzie [novel]

The Resilient Writers Radio Show: 8 Lessons I’ve Learned From Helping Almost 200 Writers To Finish Their Books -- Full Episode Transcript


Well, hey there, Writer. Welcome to The Resilient Writers Radio Show. I'm your host, Rhonda Douglas, and this is the podcast for writers who want to create and sustain a writing life they love. 

Because, let's face it, the writing life has its ups and downs, and we want to not just write, but also to be able to enjoy...

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Finishers Series: How to Fit Finishing A Book Into Your Busy Life


 This is the last episode in a little mini-series of episodes I did at the start of 2024, for writers who have finishing their book on their list of writing goals for the year ahead.

Links from today’s episode:

Book Finishers Bootcamp

First Book Finish Waiting List

30 Ways To Find More Time To Write

The Resilient Writers Radio Show: How to Fit Finishing A Book Into Your Busy Life -- Full Episode Transcript


Well, hey there, Writer. Welcome to The Resilient Writers Radio Show. I'm your host, Rhonda Douglas, and this is the podcast for writers who want to create and sustain a writing life they love. 

Because, let's face it, the writing life has its ups and downs, and we want to not just write, but also to be able to enjoy the process so that we'll spend more time with our butt in the chair getting those words on the page. 

This podcast is for writers who love books and everything that goes into the making of them. For writers who want to learn and...

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Finishers Series: How to Manage a Book-Length Project


When you start writing a book, you’re excited. You want to work on it, and you’re so excited to finish it! 

But then the work keeps going, and going, and going. And all of a sudden continuing the work seems impossible. 

That is the lack of momentum talking. Don’t listen to it—finishing your book is within your reach just as much as finishing anything else you've done in your life. 

You just need to manage the writing of your book the right way, and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know in today’s episode. 

The Resilient Writers Radio Show: How to Manage a Book-Length Project

Listen to learn

  • How to manage a book-length project 
  • How to get and stay organized
  • The value of seeing your book as a project
  • What to avoid when working to finish a book

Here’s a sneak peek… 

[02:18]  It gives you this sense of momentum that is inspiring in and of itself, but with a book, the ending...

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Finishers Series: The 6 Phases of Finishing a Book


Jumping into writing a book is so much fun. But when we start writing a book without enough knowledge on the process, we can end up stalled in our progress. 

That’s why it’s so important to learn about the six phases of writing a book. Knowing what they are and when it’s time to move into each one will not only make the act of writing easier for you, but it will also teach you what a realistic book-writing process looks like. 

The 6 Phases of Finishing a Book

Listen to learn

  • What the six different phases of writing a book are 
  • How knowing the six phases of finishing can help you beat perfectionism 
  • The difference between editing and revision 
  • What writing a book really looks like, and why it isn’t what you see in media

Here’s a sneak peek:

[02:13] We have some mistaken ideas about books and they get in the way because they create ideas in our head that foster a sense of perfectionism.

[03:53] Your book is...

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Finishers Series: Why Your Book Matters


This is the first episode in a five-part series on finishing our books and getting them out into the world. 

It was inspired by the recent Writer’s Planning Party held on December 30th, when 98% of the writers present said they wanted to finish a book as one of their goals for 2024.

In this episode, I am talking about why it matters so much that our books get finished and out into the world – for us as writers, as creative human beings, and for our Ideal Readers.

Upcoming episodes in this series will explore what goes into writing a book, how to manage a book-length project and how to fit writing a book into an already busy life.

Links in this episode:

Book Finishers Bootcamp

First Book Finish Waiting List

The Retreat (novel by Elisabeth de Mariaffi)

Read on for this episode of The Resilient Writers Radio Show.

The Resilient Writers Radio Show: Why Your Book Matters -- Full Episode Transcript


Well, hey there, writer. Welcome to the Resilient Writers...

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The Hidden Life of Ellen Baker


There are a lot of parts of being a beginner author that can intimidate us off of being published, or of writing our book altogether. 

But your story deserves to be out in the world, and there are plenty of things we can learn to make the process less terrifying. 

Acclaimed author Ellen Baker is here today to share some of her own experiences, both as a writer and as an editor, to help make the process from draft to finished book a little easier for you. 

The Secret Life of Ellen Baker

Listen to learn:

  • Common issues in the manuscripts of beginning writers
  • The benefit of having a framework for your writing
  • How to find the right agent for you
  • How to keep writing when you’ve got a book coming out

Here’s a sneak peek: 

[07:13] I read a lot, but then I ended up just kind of making up what I thought made sense based on what I read, because I didn't ever find a story of a child learning to be a bareback rider. So that's just made up.

[09:45] ...

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How to Approach Research, with Mary Carroll Moore


Raise your hand if you love the researching part of writing a book. 

Whether you do or you don’t, research is critical. How much you need is certainly dependent on what it is you’re writing, but regardless, it holds value in the way it can breathe life and fact into our work. 

Author Mary Carroll Moore was struck with the desire to ensure her own was incredibly accurate for her newest book, which focuses on the life of a female pilot. And with a female pilot in her own family, how could she write anything less? 

Luckily for her, Mary ended up knowing three people in real life who helped her and had the connections to help her do in-depth and accurate research—and she took full advantage of these people for the resources they were. 

How to Approach Research, with Mary Carroll Moore

Listen to learn: 

  • How you can transition between writing fiction and nonfiction
  • How to market cross-genre fiction
  • Howt hybrid publishing works and its...
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The Courage to Share


Getting our writing out in the world can be terrifying. 

I’m not even talking about getting your book published. Sharing your writing with family and friends just so it can be read can be a hurdle, one that seems impossible to overcome. 

But finding one person you can share your work with can make a world of difference. 

Esther Schultz experienced this herself when her late mother-in-law asked to read some of Esther’s writing—writing which Esther had never shared with anyone before. 

It was her mother-in-law’s encouragement that helped boost Esther’s courage enough for Esther to chase her dream of writing as a career. 

A dream which is coming true, one year and one book at a time. 

Listen to learn: 

  • Why sharing your writing with others enriches your writing life 
  • How to find inspiration when writing historical fiction 
  • Considerations when choosing to take the Indie publishing route 
  • The value...
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Strategies for Getting to the Page


Writing consistently is critical to finishing our books. Finding the time to write can, however, seem impossible, especially with all the obstacles of everyday life getting in our way. 

But Debra Martens, founder of Canadian Writers Abroad, didn’t let her busy life keep her from getting her writing done. As she learned during her years of constantly moving to new countries and dealing with recurring health issues, you just have to make the time, set realistic goals, and be ready to adapt to what life throws your way. 

Listen to learn: 

  • How adaptability applies to your writing life 
  • Why it’s important to set small goals that you can accomplish
  • How to continue writing even while dealing with health issues 
  • How to deal with the emotional impact of the querying process 

Here’s a sneak peek of today’s episode… 

[05:14]  It's been great for me in that I've had to do the research to find the people, and...

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