A Different Shape: Interview with Barbara Joan Scott


There are a million things we, as writers, need to think about when writing a novel. With so much to focus on, it can be difficult to actually get any work done. 

It’s push and pull—is there too much of this, too little of that? Where does this belong, if it belongs at all? 

Is this what I’m supposed to do? 

No writer has all the answers. But we can get insight from those in our writing community who are willing to share their experience. 

Today, Barbara Joan Scott shares the answers she found while writing her novel, The Taste of Hunger.

Listen to learn...

  • How to incorporate historical research in your writing
  • Why cutting parts of your writing doesn’t mean deleting 
  • The importance of sharing work for editing 
  • The truth of “finding” your voice 

Even these topics are just the tip (haha, get it?) of the iceberg that is this episode. 

Here’s a sneak peek of this week's episode:

[04:36] And I...

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Interview with Author Barbara Joan Scott: Conquering the Demons of Self-Doubt

Busy Women on Writing Books

This is another instalment in a new interview series on writing, profiling women writers who’ve written and published books while also working, parenting, volunteering, caring for family, attending school, and ALL OF THE THINGS.

This week, I'm pleased to introduce you to an amazingly gifted writer, Barbara Joan Scott.

Barbara Joan Scott has had the great good fortune to be able to devote most of her adult working life to creative writing, as an author, editor, and teacher. Her first book, The Quick, won the City of Calgary W. O. Mitchell Book Prize, and the WGA Howard O’Hagan Award for Best Collection of Short Fiction, and was shortlisted for the WGA Henry Kreisel Award for Best First Book. In 2015 she received the Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence and in 2021 her essay “Black Diamond” won the WGA’s Jon Whyte Award. 

The Taste of Hunger is her first novel. In his review for The Miramichi Reader, Ian Colford says:...

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