The Path Through Biography, with Merilyn Simonds


How does one end up writing a biography? 

In the case of Merilyn Simonds, she was asked to write one by her friend Louise de Kiriline Lawrence. And though Merilyn didn’t like or read biographies at the time, she agreed. 

It left her with two tasks: searching through years and years of records, and figuring out how she was going to structure this biography. A conventional biography just wouldn’t do—Merilyn needed to be intrigued by the path she chose to follow in the telling of Louise’s story. 

The Path Through Biography, with Merilyn Simonds

Listen to learn: 

  • Merilyn’s unique approach to writing a biography 
  • How to organise records and research for your writing
  • About the use of language at the sentence and paragraph level
  • About moving from shorter to bigger writing projects


Here’s a sneak peek… 

[05:20] What bothers me about biographies is that sort of know-it-all stance. “I know...

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