The Hidden Life of Ellen Baker


There are a lot of parts of being a beginner author that can intimidate us off of being published, or of writing our book altogether. 

But your story deserves to be out in the world, and there are plenty of things we can learn to make the process less terrifying. 

Acclaimed author Ellen Baker is here today to share some of her own experiences, both as a writer and as an editor, to help make the process from draft to finished book a little easier for you. 

The Secret Life of Ellen Baker

Listen to learn:

  • Common issues in the manuscripts of beginning writers
  • The benefit of having a framework for your writing
  • How to find the right agent for you
  • How to keep writing when you’ve got a book coming out

Here’s a sneak peek: 

[07:13] I read a lot, but then I ended up just kind of making up what I thought made sense based on what I read, because I didn't ever find a story of a child learning to be a bareback rider. So that's just made up.

[09:45] ...

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