Finishers Series: How to Manage a Book-Length Project


When you start writing a book, you’re excited. You want to work on it, and you’re so excited to finish it! 

But then the work keeps going, and going, and going. And all of a sudden continuing the work seems impossible. 

That is the lack of momentum talking. Don’t listen to it—finishing your book is within your reach just as much as finishing anything else you've done in your life. 

You just need to manage the writing of your book the right way, and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know in today’s episode. 

The Resilient Writers Radio Show: How to Manage a Book-Length Project

Listen to learn

  • How to manage a book-length project 
  • How to get and stay organized
  • The value of seeing your book as a project
  • What to avoid when working to finish a book

Here’s a sneak peek… 

[02:18]  It gives you this sense of momentum that is inspiring in and of itself, but with a book, the ending...

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