He Doesn't Know Anything, with Michael Blouin



Who knows? One day, your writing might end up on the moon. 

In fact, some authors are having their work sent up soon, including Michael Blouin, our guest for this week’s podcast episode!

You may be wondering, “Gee, Michael, why is your writing being sent to the moon?” 

While Michael himself might say “I don’t know” fairly often, the answer is clear from his long publishing journey: persistence. 

It can be difficult to maintain our writing when we feel discouraged, but Michael reminds us that sticking to our writing and writing what we want, even if it isn’t commercial, can let us live the writing lives we dream of. 

Listen to this week's podcast episode to learn: 

  • Why you shouldn’t give up on being published
  • The unexpected perks of having an agent
  • The value of collaboration with other artists
  • How Michael’s work ends up in space and why that matters 

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