Facing the Discomfort of Memoir


When we write memoir, there are a million things we have to think about. 

We have to know what story we want to tell, and we have to know how to tell it. 

We have to be ready to be vulnerable on the page. And then, we have to be ready to share our vulnerability with all of our readers!

Choosing to write a memoir can be a difficult choice, especially when dealing with serious subject matter as Stephanie Kain’s memoir does. 

Despite Stephanie’s initial hesitance at her agent’s suggestion of turning her journaling into a memoir, she went into it with an open mind and came out the other side of the publishing process with a wonderful experimental memoir. 

Listen to learn: 

  • How to become comfortable with being vulnerable in your writing 
  • How to choose what to include and exclude in your memoir 
  • About the benefits of writing experimentally 
  • The value of writing something even if you’re afraid of being judged 


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