On Writing and Failure: Interview with Stephen Marche


In his new book, On Writing and Failure: Or, On the Peculiar Perseverance Required to Endure the Life of a Writer, author Stephen Marche argues that writing is, and always will be, an act defined by failure. The best plan is to just get used to it. 

Join me for this interview as we talk about facing rejection, artistic failure and continuing to write anyway. (And we go on a little tangent about AI there at the end!)

Listen to learn:

  • The norm of comparing yourself to other writers
  • The difference between Career Envy vs. Creative Envy
  • About the writing market and author autonomy within it
  • The benefits of knowing how other authors got where they are

To learn all the secrets of this week’s episode, you’ll have to tune in. 

But here’s a sneak peek…

[04:28] … it's almost a ludicrous fact, but like the more successful the writer to me, the more anxious they are. 

[04:47] … I think even in my own way, I thought like, well, if I...

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