Words of Wisdom: 52 Inspiring Writing Quotes


Writing Quotes to Fuel Your Creativity and Motivation

The time to write has come, and you’ve got your pen in hand or Word doc at the ready– only to become paralyzed by the blank page before you. 

You start to panic, and your thoughts go every which way; Am I even a writer? Why am I not inspired? Is this the infamous writer’s block?

Let’s hit pause on the overthinking for a second. We’ve all been there. Writing is a practice and a process, which means it doesn’t always go as smoothly as we imagine.

Everyone has their own unique writing flow, and part of that process is figuring out what yours is. 

But that can be hard if you’re not feeling particularly inspired. And let’s face it; writing inspiration doesn’t strike when it’s most convenient, as much as we wish it did. It’s a skill writers build over time. 

For starters, showing yourself some grace and self-compassion is an underrated tool for...

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5 Women Writers to Inspire Your Writing Routine

writing inspiration Jul 08, 2022

Where do you find writing inspiration?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m obsessed with helping you stay motivated and connected in your writing life. One way I do this for myself is by reading about the writing lives of writers I admire.

I know that I have to find my own way and craft a writing practice that works for the specifics of my life, but I do look for inspiration from those who've gone before -- particularly women writers who may have had some of the same challenges I have faced over the years, including how to get the writing done in the middle of a very busy life.

Here are some of the writers whose writing routines have been sources of inspiration for me over the years. I hope you find inspiration here for your own writing life as well.

(And if you find this helpful, come find me on Instagram and Facebook where I share inspirational quotes and free resources every week to help writers finish their books and create a writing life...

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90 Writing Prompts for 90 Days

Do you find yourself struggling with writing? Is finding inspiration difficult, or do you perhaps feel out of practice? Maybe you want to get some words on a page, but have no idea where to start? 

Well, whether or not you find yourself struggling with writing, writing prompts are a beautiful concept that can benefit all writers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced writer or are just beginning—writing prompts are a great exercise for those who want to “warm up” their writing, get their creative flow going, or simply just practice. 

At the bottom of this blog post, you will find 90 writing prompts to use over the next 90 days! 

Want a free Writer’s Weekly Planner to help you plan and track your writing over these 90 days? You can get a copy right here.

What Are Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts are suggestions for writers, and can all be very different depending on the prompt itself. Not only do creative writing prompts, story...

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