Top 12 Places to Find Good Writing Prompts

writing prompts Sep 25, 2023

Sometimes, everyone needs a little push in life. And when we need those pushes, we often turn to external sources to guide us through our detours until we’re back on track, regardless if you are working towards a goal or need help with a big change. 

As writers, we often need metaphorical tugs on our sleeves to find the motivation and inspiration we need to put pen to paper again. And if you’re here because that’s exactly what you need, then click the headers below to get moving forward again.

Top 12 Places to Find Writing Prompts

1. The Writer’s Digest

The Writer’s Digest is a pretty well-balanced source for writing materials and information. You can find pretty much everything on this website: from the quirks of the writing process to interviews with successful writers. It also has a prompts section that is regularly updated. Many of the prompts have specified restrictions too, if you feel up to the added challenge. And if you find none of the...

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90 Writing Prompts for 90 Days

Do you find yourself struggling with writing? Is finding inspiration difficult, or do you perhaps feel out of practice? Maybe you want to get some words on a page, but have no idea where to start? 

Well, whether or not you find yourself struggling with writing, writing prompts are a beautiful concept that can benefit all writers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced writer or are just beginning—writing prompts are a great exercise for those who want to “warm up” their writing, get their creative flow going, or simply just practice. 

At the bottom of this blog post, you will find 90 writing prompts to use over the next 90 days! 

Want a free Writer’s Weekly Planner to help you plan and track your writing over these 90 days? You can get a copy right here.

What Are Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts are suggestions for writers, and can all be very different depending on the prompt itself. Not only do creative writing prompts, story...

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